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Data Protection and Retrieval Products

DDP Consulting has a reputation of excellence, working with the top global technologies in the industry. By offering only the best products to our clients, we ensure maximum protection of data and information – we believe that prevention is better than cure.
DDP Consulting offer the following products to companies throughout South Africa:

DDP “DRone” Data Protection Appliance

In conjunction with some of the leaders in the Data Protection / Information LifeCycle world, the “DRone” has been designed to protect critical company data, from the minute it is created until the time it needs to be deleted. Focus has been on providing a solution that allows for access to the protected data and the ability to recover data when required.

The “DRone” is extremely flexible allowing a customer to configure the “DRone” to suit their company’s requirements. Design, implementation, support / maintenance and training are all included in the solution. Cost effective Operational Expenditure options have been negotiated to accommodate the budget conscious.

The Building Blocks include, but are not limited to, CommVault Simpana, SuperMicro Servers, NetIQ Platespin Forge and Rack.



CommVault first entered the African market in 2006 and has since become the standout data protection and information lifecycle management technology. The major benefit of using the CommVault system is that it is a single product that offers both data protection and information lifecycle management functionality, a one stop shop.

The CommVault product allows you to do the following:

Data Analysis
Data Backup & Recovery
Data Archiving
Data Replication
Data Search

Cloud Protect



What exactly is CloudProtect?

CloudProtect is a backup and recovery solution that gives you the liberty to store your critical electronic business data securely at a remote data centre in South Africa. It keeps at least two copies of the data.The data that has been stored will always be available for you to recover at any time from a web portal.

Why You Need CloudProtect

-CloudProtect uses the best of breed technology to protect your data. Commvault Simpana software has been voted the leader for Enterprise Backup Software by Gartner for the past 5 and is the underlying software platform on which CloudProtect is built.

-The data is stored within South African boundaries (POPI compliant)

-The data is stored in such a way that it is secure and always accessible to the end-user, either in a case of file recovery or a total disaster.

-CloudProtect engineers are highly skilled with years of experience to serve the end-user.

-CloudProtect stores all your backup data for 30 days.

-Data backup is critical to any business. Whether it is data on a single laptop or a data centre full of servers CloudProtect can cater for all scenarios.

-CloudProtect helpdesk agents are always available to help with queries.

How You as an End-User Can Invest in CloudProtect

This is very simple! Try the CloudProtect for 30 days. Once satisfied, invest in a package ranging from 1GB to 2TB per month. CloudProtect reporting will be in a position to assist with the sizing requirements. Billing is based on the full size of the backup; not for the amount of data that we stored in the data centre.


SuperMicro are global leaders in the industry, renowned for being a highly efficient server technology. By offering green computing solutions to data centres, SuperMicro has become the world-wide solution in the data management hardware sector.
Many data recovery operations go sour at the point of recovery once it is realised that the outdated hardware is not quite compatible to the state-of-the art software. SuperMicro’s hardware is scalable, reliable and supportable, making it much more efficient in the recovery of data.

SuperMicro’s engineering team integrates new and innovative technologies at an accelerated pace during early design stages and fine-tune each product to achieve the perfect balance between performance, efficiency and overall system optimisation.

If you are looking for efficient and safe data management, back-up and recovery services, contact DDP Consulting today!


Nutanix combines compute, storage and virtualisation all into a single software defined appliance, to provide you with a single on-premise enterprise cloud platform with all the usual security and control necessary. Nutanix brings agility, rapid time to value and scalability all in a single pane of glass for ease of use.

Nutanix obviates the need for switched fabric networks and, as such, consolidates infrastructure in an effort to reduce data centre cost and administration.

If you are looking for efficient and safe data management, back-up and recovery services, contact DDP Consulting today!