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Data Management and Recovery South Africa

DDP Consulting is a new and innovative company, perfectly positioned to become a renowned name in Data Management / Information Lifecycle Management and Data Recovery in South Africa. DDP Consulting partners with some of the most advanced, proven and internationally recognised products.

Through dedication to service excellence and state of the art products, we protect and manage an organisations critical business data and information. This allows the business stakeholders to focus on core business areas, increasing productivity and peace of mind in the workplace.

DDP Consulting offer the following products for Data Management / Information Lifecycle Management and Data Recovery:

  • CommVault – Protection and availability of data from “the day it is created to the day that it is no longer required”
  • CloudProtect – Is a cloud based data protection solution focused on the laptop to the enterprise server.
  • Supermicro – A Cost-effective Hardware Platform powering the “appliance” based solution
  • Nutanix – Is a Hyper-converged software solution that reduces infrastructure and the need for switched fabric networks.
  • DDP Consulting currently meets with CommVault’s Certification Requirements with regard to Certified Sales Professionals
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cv logo clear bckgrnd 186red

With an unmatched knowledge of the technologies that we provide, our team of experts design and implement Data Management / Information Lifecycle Management and Data Recovery systems for any business and any application. Whatever your needs, our architects develop the ideal solution suited to your specific requirements. Through years of experience, we have seen the impact lost data has on organisations and it is not only our business, but our determination to protect other organisations from suffering the same fate.

If you are serious about protecting your business critical data, contact us today.

For more information about how our services and products protect your data, view our products page.

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